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"Tom is an inspiration for us all, because Tom quit when he 83yrs old, it is never to late to quit. Tom is now 88 and going strong"
"This was my last shot at giving up, I have tried everything. I now have a little more energy than I had before'
- Tom Bafour Midvale, Perth W.A. 24/06/08

Life now begins for me, as I have now got a healthy life, enjoying food, breathing fresh air, growing old with my wife and our 6 children and grandchildren.
- Tony D'Annunzio Alexandra Heights, Perth W.A. 13/08/08

I really looked forward to coming to see Sharon, I saw this as the greatest chance to beat the tobacco demons.
- Chris Allen Myalup Perth W.A. 16/04/08

It is totally painless and natural, with no drugs involved!!! It was a very incredible experience.
- Alana Perth W.A. 17/08/09

It has given me a booster to reinforce my belief that I can be a non-smoker and quit smoking permanently and to thank Sharon for putting me on the right track to good living again.
- Sam Singapore 20/06/08

Now, I don't have that craving to smoke. I don't have that smell of smoke. I am not alienated because I smoke. I am now healthier and will get more healthier from not smoking. I am not leading my kids down the wrong path.
- Peter Callo Hazelmere, Perth W.A. 28/09/10

I am now healthier and I don't waste any more of my hard earned cash on cigarettes.
- Darryl Munday Eden Hill, Perth W.A. 2/07/2009

This has worked for me. I feel wonderful. I don't worry if someone else smokes around me, it has no affect on me at all. This is an easy and cheap way to better health and a better life style.
- Jill Tobias Attadale, Perth W.A. 14/02/12

Now I live a healthier life for myself and my children and I am a good role model for them.
- Carly Falconer Bayswater, Perth W.A. 29/10/09

I am now a non-smoker and I will breathe fresh air for the rest of my life.
- Glenda Rodrigues Craigie, Perth W.A. 05/08/08

I now feel so much better, more alive and healthy. I am glad that I used the Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes system. I know now that I can also be a help to other people.
- J.Martin Ellenbrook, Perth W.A. 10/02/11

This time, I now have control.
"No Excuses"
- L.Nestor Australind, W.A. 18/01/11

I found it a very powerful and an uplifting positive experience.
- Kaye Foote Perth W.A. 25/11/11

The feeling to want a cigarette disappears in seconds.
- Rod Perth W.A. 19/08/08

I am now a non-smoker, now and forever.
- Dane Morris Inglewood, Perth W.A. 25/05/11

I am glad to finally be free of cigarettes and have a sense of calm and wellbeing after the session.
- Lisa Gorey Gwellup, Perth W.A. 18/08/09

I have never felt so relaxed in my life, and I am now a non-smoker for the rest of my life. Awesome experience.
- Braden Hendle Westfield, Perth W.A. 12/09/09

I feel so relieved that cigarettes no longer control my life.
- Peta McLoughhlin Osbourne Park, Perth W.A. 05/07/08

What a positive experience toward changing my attitude and habits to gain control of my life. Improving my quality of life and returning my energy and a healthier life style.
- Lou Boylen Inglewood, Perth W.A. 28/03/08

It was an easy and relaxing way to get rid of a nasty habit.
- Dawn Harvey Kellerberrin W.A. 26/08/07

I left feeling stronger and confident in myself and I am now a nonsmoker. Thankyou Sharon.
- Tracey Sommerville Midland, Perth W.A.

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  • Qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist (Dolores Cannon) Leading Thought Field Therapist & Counsellor
  • Professional Seminar Speaker
  • Qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Thought Field Therapist, (Quantum Change)
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist (Level2) (Dolores Cannon Technique) Somnambulistic Trance State (very deep hypnosis)
  • Counsellor (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)
  • Quitting Cigarettes in 60 minutes TM - backed up with a life-time guarantee (Quantum Change)
  • Hypnotic Lap Banding (InSync Hypnosis & Counselling
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